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soulight started this conversation

All pages , from 3 years  are here , so it will be easier to access everything.   I tried to put the pages here separately , but it ended up working better by putting the link to all the pages listed at the other site that I publish pages on .

Some of the links will lead you back to Aidpages.



What is my premise for helping others ?

"Love your neighbor as yourself." — Moses (ca. 1525-1405 BCE) in the Torah, Leviticus 19:18

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." — Jesus (ca. 5 BCE—33 CE) in the Gospels, Luke 6:31; Luke 10:27 (affirming of Moses)— Matthew 7:12 





I am a little behind with the holiday pages this year. I had surgery last month and I couldn't sit up for quite a while to use my computer. I hope that you find what you may need on these pages and more as I add them and I pray that everyone has a very Blessed and Joyful holiday season.    -   soulight



This is where to go for all the Christmas information . Free and Low cost gifts , Charities , help for Christmas , and much more :






Please Read this ! ! !

It is very dangerous for you to post any personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and last names. You are inviting more trouble into your life by doing so . There are people who will use your information to prey on you , take advantage of you and try to take what money or things that you do have , including your credit and Heaven forbid , your children .

This is serious . For your own protection , do not post personal information  in public on Aidpages. You can convey this information in a private message , but you are still doing so at your own risk .

Also , if you are helping someone else , check out the story to see if it is real . I personally know someone who lost hundreds of dollars helping someone who turned out to be a scammer.

Please stay safe ! ! !




What do you tell kids(family , friends etc.) when you don't have the money to have a "usual" or "expensive" Christmas ? Here are some articles/pages that I found that have good suggestions:


Here is a great article from a frugal page with ideas :

DOLLAR STRETCHER CHRISTMAS -What to tell loved ones if you can't "do" Christmas as usual. 


Here is another good article that will help with no cost ideas about what to do with family at Christmas time.


7 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Moments


Many people wonder where to start when they are looking for assistance. Here are 2 good articles that has some ideas about where to start :


How do I find a charity that will help my situation ?


How Can I Recieve Christmas Charity ?





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Hello My name is Estrella (star) This year my one year old and my self and husband will not be able to afford christmas do to no income we just recently moved to the state of Georgia last month we have no family and vary little friends out her pleaase I am begging for a merical this year for my daughter 1st Christmas to be able to have one please will someone sponcer my poor no income family
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my name is ricka and i hve taken on 3extra kids and mouths 2 feed being they were lack of tlc iam in need of any help 4 christmas for my kid total of five i hve no job my husband is barely making ends meet 2 provide what i did and do is the way i was raised and i knw that god in in our path so i'am asking 4 any help my children age r 16,15,17,18, thank you and may god bless u all.

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Hello my name is layci I am a mother of a beautiful little girl named Bryleigh who is 2.  I am heart broken for my child. My husband words so hard to keep up with our bills but its just not enough. In Dec of last year my husband was laid off from him job. My child had no christmas last year. We lost everything, our home, all of our furnishings and were living from place to place for 10 months. In october we managed to get an apartment and my husband got his old job back. However things are still tight and my child once again will not have a christmas. I feel helpless and at a loss for what to do. Days go by with no food in the fridge and I scrap together what I can for her to eat. We live in the mid west and the tempuratures are so cold. I have been unable to buy my baby a coat or even some winter shoes. If anyone can help I would greatly appriciate it.

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If you click on the horse avatar it will take you to my blog and there is a page called Christmas is coming that has ideas!! Look at freecycle in your area and craigslist free section and about gettting furniture then there is a furniturebank but not in CA.

Good luck and apply for everything in my blog


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Hi, I'm a 26 year old Mother of 3. I have 2 boys ages 7 and 2, and a daughter 3. I need help with Christmas this year. I have been homeless all summer long I just got an appartment and I have a hard time paying for my bills. My boyfriend gets unemployment and that pays are rent and nothing else. we are having a hard time finding a job. so if any one can help me out for christmas please contact me at thank you and god bless.

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Hello! I am a 27 year old mother of three! i have a girl that 7 boy that three and a baby girl that is 2. This year has been really ruff for me. My boyfriend is incarcerated and I am trying to do everything I can to keep a roof over are heads. So this Christmas is not going to be the best due to me not having money for it. I just hope and pray maybe someone will help me out. Anything will do. I just want my kids to have a nice Christmas this year even though there daddy is gone. you can contact me at if anyone can help!

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   I am a social worker in Union,MS.I retired 3 years ago on disability with 4 ruptured discs.I am looking for help for a family in Richmond,Virginia for Christmas 2008.The mother is disabled and the father is no longer in the picture.She lost their home to the bank in September 08.Social Security has not approved the mother's disability yet and she cannot get food stamps because she is living with a family.She has an 11 year old daughter.If anyone out there can afford to make a Christmas for this family,even a small one,please contact me @ for her details.They need food too.Because of my own mortgage being in arrears,I cannot help her.If I could afford to I would send her a check myself.Thank you so much.

Love in Christ 

June McMillan Dunlap


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 in response to marty4...   

Hi marty4

I am sorry you are going through so much this time of year. I wish I could help you myself , but I am disabled with very little money myself. Please go to the links on this page and you will find :







I truly hope and pray that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year.


Talk to soulight

First, Merry Christmas and God Bless.  Well Where do I start.. My spouse had a heart attack in mid October.  He survived after some surgery, thank God. Unfortunatly we ran a small home business that paid our bills and enabled us to survive. The business is doing poorly because he hasnt worked since the heart attack.  I have been trying to find work out of the house but to no evail yet.. I haven't given up yet.. Now we are at the crunch I guess you would say.  Christmas is around the corner and we dont have money for our bills let alone for gifts for our child.  My car is broke in the driveway (alternator i guess..) I decided last night my fridge aint working right..not keeping things cold. Freezer still works. lol. We are going tommorow to socail services to see if they can help with food.. No fridge stuff though.. lol trying to keep my sense of humor about all of this but it seems like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. On the plus side as my mother has told me so many times God has not braught me this far to drop me on my head.  So I guess Im looking for an open window since the door we were using is closed for now..

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 in response to ksoulsak...   

Thank you so much ! What a wonderful boost for me to read your post . You truly made my day. You have a gift in your style of writing and encouraging . Thank you.


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 in response to soulight...   

You have a beautiful spirit.  Your words will inspire and encourage.  I am reminded every day that Love is more valuable than Gold.  I try to always keep that in front of my vision and my families vision as we go through the various ups and downs of our journey here on earth.

It is difficult for many to keep this in the heart when bombarded daily with advertisement that speaks to the mind set of the world.  It is difficult for many to kep this in the heart when bombarded daily with life's struggles.  Thank you for helping others find a way to remember their heart, and also helping them find ways to fulfill the needs brought on by the world.

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It is a struggle for me to read stories of peoples' fight to have a good holiday season . Everyone , absolutely everyone in this world should have the best and most blessed holiday every time a holiday comes around - ANY holiday.

This world is full of unfairness and there are so many who stuggle when it just doesn't seem right. I am a believer in God and I ask Him all the time "WHY?" I know that He loves me . I know that this is a fallen world and that is not His fault. I know that I can ask "Why me?" and then I hear 'Why not you ? What makes you special that you should have a perfect life?" The rain falls on those who God loves as well as those not in His favor.

How does a person have a wonderful holiday without money ? I have talked about that in many of my holiday pages. If one is not used to showing love and family togetherness ; if the "love" they share at holiday time is really a " if I get stuff I am loved , if I don't get stuff I am not loved" , well , this is going to make the holiday pretty miserable.

 I love gifts myself . I love stockings and shiny things and good food and ...... I love indulgence and I love to feel like I am rich with things like art and music and beautiful things . Then I think about my daughter ,. I have apologized to her for not being able to provide all the extras. Do you know what she said ? I am glad that you couldn't give me everything. I would have been pretty helpless in the world if I didn't have to do without. I would be really selfish and shallow.  I don't want to be like all those rich kids who take everything for granted and have air in thier heads. Guess what ? That is the best Christmas present that I ever got / A daughter who  has an atitude like that !



Just some additional thoughts that I have had.

Please know that all the information that I have researched is so that we can strive to have that holiday that we all deserve. Not a "gimme" "getme" holiday , but a true feeling of love and togetherness and spending time to make the holiday wonderful . If one of us starts with the right atitude , I really believe it will spread.

I am not saying " no gifts" . I am saying " thoughtfulness . Gifts made with love and meaning" Being thankful for what we do have and not always wanting more. It doesn't matter how little we have , we can always give some of it to someone who has even less.



Talk to soulight



  My name is Monica and I am a single mother here in kennesaw, ga. I am a single mother of 2 boys(8&9), and in desperate need for christmas assistance. I became ill back in the beginning of july. As a result of becoming ill, I was let go from my job of 4 years, and I am also a student at one of the local technical colleges. Once that happened everything else started falling apart for us. I lost my home and had to go stay with my boyfriends mother. Its not that bad except for the fact that she is a jehovah's witness. I dont have anything against their religion, but it limits christmas for my children. Although a x-mas tree is not permitted in her home, she is willing to allow gifts to be placed for my kids. But since july, I have not been able to find a job and now that christmas is approaching fast, I am worried that they will not have anything to open on christmas morning. I am not looking for any pity. I am also not looking for donations. I just want my kids to have a nice christmas. It does not have to be an expensive one, I just want them to have a smile on their face when they wake up on christmas morning. If there is anyone that can help I would greatly appreciate it. If not and no one believes what I am saying, then I totally understand. I wish everyone many blessings and Happy Holiday's from my family to yours...

Thank you for you time... Monica

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Hi my name is Beulah. I am new to this. But I am a single mother of 2 boys. They are 4 years old and my other son will be 2 jan. 19. Their dad left us 2 years ago almost. And ever since everything has been going down hill. I am not working right now. I have been ill. So I have not been working. I am trying my hardest not to lose everything I own but that is not going to good right now. I am late on most of my bills because I have not been working and everything. My 4 year old keeps telling me that he wants this and that and i sit there and tell him that i will try and do what i can for him. It just hurts me so bad that i can not give them the Christmas that they want and everything. I dont know what to do about our christmas this year. I am trying to find a job and everything. But right now no one is really hiring people right now. Plus i have to find a job that can deal with me being ill alot of times, because I have type 2 diebties, I have problems with my kidneys from time to time, I have headaches everyday for some reason and right now i am going back and forth to the hospital for it, I have high blood pressure, I have high cholrester. Plus right now I am taking my 4 year old back and forth because he is 4 years old and weights 78lbs and they are trying to find out why because he is very active and does not eat much. I am afraid that he is going to have a heartattack or something. But I really need help this christmas.

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Hello i am not exactly sure how to do this i have never had to ask for help before  but i am a single mother of 2 children one is 18 months (boy)and one is 3 months(girl) i am living with my parents and i am not working due to my new born my father is disabled and my mother is the only one working and barely makes enough to help me with the diapers and still be up to date on all her bills if there is any way that i could get any help for christmas this year i would be very grateful i can provide any information for proof that is needed i appreciate you taking time to read this thank you.



My personal email is---

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